Jill Ehrenfeld

Real Estate Broker | Owner

Bold Real Estate

Make a Bold Move

About Jill Ehrenfeld

Jill, co-owner of Bold Real Estate, is a renowned agent with an impressive sales career of over a dozen years. In 2016 & 2017, Jill had a sales volume of almost $30 million, making her the #1 agent in all of Chatham County. In addition, according to the Triangle Business Journal, of the over 12,000 real estate agents in the Triangle, Jill consistently ranks in the TOP TEN in sales. Her extensive background in finance will help you make good investment decisions. She knows how to negotiate the sale for you: One area where you need a professional representing you.

She has worked in financial services with high net worth clients and can use her knowledge of investing to help you “invest” by buying or selling your home or property. Jill enjoys her grandsons, traveling, cooking and being involved in business with her sons. She has a strong desire to treat you like family and help you “make a BOLD decision to move on” with your life..